What we do

One stop shop

If you're tired of trying to track down the right person for the job, stop right now. We can help you achieve all of your web, mobile and data needs. With production experience spanning three decades and a team of seasoned experts in all things digital, we can get you past the run around, get you up and running and keep you going with as little or as much support as you need.

We also play well with others, if you have a vendor already meeting your needs in one arena and you just need some additional expertise or support in another.

Web Development

Your website is at the heart of all your online engagement efforts. But you don't have to lose an arm and a leg, or your sanity, building your site.

With a straightforward approach, and refreshingly straightforward pricing, we'll have you up and running in less time than many firms out there take to wrangle you into an overly complex proposal that leaves you scratching your head throughout the project

Mobile development

Most times, a web site is enough. But if you have a product or a service that demands specific porting of content or robust mobile functionality, we offer "just right" solutions.

If you are stuck in between the "baby app" phase and full-on, complex enterprise deployment, we can help, with guidance and implementation of s variety of "mobile ready" applications or custom development work.

eCRM Design and Deployment

At the end of the day, smart is as smart does. If you aren't using your data intelligently, you might as well go back to using a spreadsheet or notecards.

With expertise beyond just business analysis, we can help design, deploy, support and scale CRM solutions designed around what works for you right now and grow with you in the future. Unique in our field, we have experience in popular business solutions such as Saleforce and SugarCRM, as well as non-profit and political solutions such as Nationbuilder, NGP, and eTapestry.

Online Marketing

We pioneered approaches now recognized as best practices for online marketing with Facebook, Twitter and blogs. If you are on the web to win friends and influence people, you need to know what's going on in the online marketing world and where you fit in the landscape.

Not only can we plan and execute an online marketing strategy, we can be your day to day, ongoing online marketing team, helping you measure and modify your approach with truly results-driven approaches.

Content Development - Video and Copywriting

If a picture tells a thousand words, think of what video can do to help you tell your story?

If you need wordsmithing, including SEO, we have affordable expertise as well. But we can provide top-notch professional video production at a fraction of the cost.

Google Apps Deployment and Support

As one of the world's first certified resellers, our expertise comes from experience.

We design and deploy with self-sufficiency in mind, but you can count on us for either pay as you go support or a discounted service level agreement.

Web Hosting

If you need reliable hosting with a human being you can talk to if something goes awry, Left Brain offers a variety of packages to meet your needs.

We can also provide support and services for your existing hosting environment if all you really need is an occasional hand dealing with technical issues and/or strategic decisions.